Bridges make valleys, hills, mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes passable, remarkable and great to look at. Here are ten bridges that have some kind of record of their own.

  1. France: Millau Viaduct

This is the tallest bridge across the world with its highest point standing at 1,125 feet. The bridge is held up by two 803 foot high pylons as well as having the Europe’s highest deck on a road bridge of 886 feet. It was built to manage the huge traffic, especially from July to August when revelers pass across to some of the most lucrative summer vacations across the border to Spain.

  1. Australia: Harbor Bridge

This Sydney, Australia, bridge is 160 ft across with about eight lanes to handle as much traffic as possible, a bicycle path, pedestrian walkway and two unique railroad tracks. It is the widest bridge around, connecting the business district and North Shore in Sydney and route for commuters in the city. Sydney Harbor Bridge was built over 80 years ago in 1932 and not a modern creation.

  1. China: Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge

This grand bridge was completed in 2011 and the longest in the world, stretching a whooping 102.4 miles. Danyang-Kunshan is a railroad bridge, those who would like to enjoy its unique view and ride should hop into the train and travel close to 186 mph and a trip that took ten hours is covered in five.

  1. USA: George Washington Bridge

This New York bridge sees 51 million vehicles passing through it every year and travels towards the east, connecting New Jersey and Manhattan across the Hudson River. The bridge engineering is made to hold such a momentous activity due to 14 traffic lanes.

  1. Japan: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

This suspension bridge is elegantly structured and made by suspending the deck holding the roads from cables made of steel and fixed between towers. The Pearl Bridge as it is also known is almost four times the total length of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge stretches about 12,831 ft with connected spans, one of about 6,532 feet and two about 3,150 feet each.

  1. USA: Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge in California has international orange trademark paint with picturesque surroundings and the most photographed bridge across the world. After most photographed sites were determined, the Golden Gate Bridge in California topped other famous bridges such as the Tower Bridge of London, the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

  1.  Canada: Hartland Covered Bridge,

This bridge in New Brunswick in Canada is the work of local citizens who could not wait for the government to build them a bridge over the St. John River. Opened in 1901, the bridge is 1,282 feet in length. In 1906, the citizens sold the bridge to the government to handle all maintenance issues. It is the longest covered bridge in the world.

  1. Germany: Goltzsch Valley Bridge

This Germany bridge is about a third of a mile at 1,860 feet and it is not the length that makes it famous but the material used to make it. Rather than go the way of metal and stone, the bridge was built using 20 million bricks, the most that have ever been used to make a bridge. The area of Saxony, where the bridge stands has lots of huge deposits of clay and the choice of material was very economical.

  1. USA: Hudson State Historic Park Walkway

It was a railroad bridge in New York and longest bridge in 1889 before it was damaged by a fire in 1974. In 2009, it was reopened again as a cyclist and a pedestrian bridge after it was restored by Walkway Over the Hudson group. It is the world’s longest footbridge linking rollerbladers, cyclists, runners and walkers.

  1. Turkey: Caravan Bridge

Looking at the bridge you might not notice anything remarkable about the Caravan Bridge until you are told it is 2,861 years old. It was built around 850 B.C. and some of the most famous people who lived millennia ago have passed through it, such as Saint Paul and Homer.

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