Whether you’re shopping for plantation shutters online or visiting brick and mortar showrooms, it’s important that you come to these businesses armed with the right questions to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need. It can be hard for those who have never owned this type of window covering before to know what exactly they should be asking, so we’ve compiled a quick list for you to bring to that next retailer on your list:

5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Plantation ShuttersHow Do I Adjust Tension Adjustment Screws?
Each shutter panel will come with tension shutter screws that are sunk in along the vertical edge of that panel. Knowing how to adjust these screws is essential as over time, your louvers may begin to droop and look drab. By being familiar with how to adjust the tension adjustment screws, you can keep your blinds looking great without needing to place a call to a technician.

Do The Shutters Include Mortised Hinges?
Unless you ask, you’ll likely be provided with non-mortised hinges. While mortised hinges are not essential, they certainly look better in the frame as they’re concealed.

What Material are they Made of?
You can find this type of window covering made from a variety of different materials, from wood to fabric to aluminum and beyond. One type of material you may want to avoid using, however, are pine shutters as they can seep sap.

Do The Shutters Have Rabbited Edges?
Though this type of shutter won’t provide complete darkness on a sunny day, by having rabbited edges on your blinds, you’ll then be able to prevent any gaps of light that may shine through in the center where the panels all meet.

How Thick are the Siderails?
The company that you choose to install the side rails for your plantation shutters should make them at least 1 1/2” thick to prevent any panel warping.

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