imagesThe new punch line on everybody’s lips is how the environment can be protected from the ill effects of human excesses. Global warming has already started to show its dreadful affects. Just take a look at what’s happening to the Maldives. In order to counteract the adverse affects of global warming, enlightened citizens around the world are attempting to spread awareness on the issue of global warming and initiatives such as No Plastic Day and Earth Hour are promoted in order to bring the ideal of environmental conservation to the forefront of the mainstream.

Eco-friendly homes

Eco friendly or green homes are houses which are efficient in their utilization of energy and resources. They utilize the minimal amount of natural resources and apply waste re-using systems in order to provide the maximum benefit. Green homes tend to have tons of natural light, cross-ventilation, rain water harvesting systems, etc. They use solar heaters which reduces the amount of electricity drawn by the house and other novel ideas such as cavity walls which help ease the load on the wallet in the long run and also help make a better environment which is cleaner and healthier.

A green home isn’t simply about more plants or a better lawn or installing a solar heater. The materials with which these homes are made are also recycled and they have systems which recycle water, waste and other things.

India has many green home projects such as:

  • Lotus Boulevard, Noida
  • Aqualily Lake View Residences, Chennai
  • Palais Royale, Mumbai
  • ShreeRam Mills, Mumbai

You can now buy green homes in Malad, Virar or BKC as they are many promoters cashing in on the increasing demand for more intelligent homes.

Who names a home a green home?

In India, houses are rated by the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), India, a forum which has been advocated by the Indian Green Building Council and the TERI Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment.

These systems rate building on evaluations on design, construction and their impact on their environment. LEED provides four levels of rating and these are:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Certified

The Price of Going Green

With the technology still not entering mass markets, green homes are generally more expensive than normal homes. This is due to the use of advanced technology in order to save energy, reduce heat, manage waste and rain water harvesting among other processes. Green homes use higher grade glass for their windows in order to keep the insides cooler. Glass of such variety is more expensive than normal window glass. They also use LED lighting technology which saves electricity, but also costs three times as much as normal light fixtures.

However, the higher one time cost being taken into consideration, you would recover most of the excess expenditure within a three year period just through savings on electricity and energy. The home reduces the dependency on artificial lighting and cooling. Insulated roofs and walls significantly reduce the amount of heat that goes inside the house thus nullifying the constant use of an air conditioner.

Intelligent use of resources and materials and changes in building methodology are prompting low-cost green homes which could offset the initial expenditure entirely.

The Pros of Going Green

The first advantage, and this may be the most valuable to some, is that green homes make for drastically lower operating costs. If you buy a green home in Malad or in any of the places you do get green homes, then you will save on operating costs as the house will not be dependent on electricity and energy the way normal houses are.

The layouts of such homes are made in a manner to maximize the amount of natural light coming into the home in order to reduce the amount of artificial light in the home. Insulated roofs and walls reduce air conditioning costs. Better construction means longer lasting structures and lesser repairs.


George Winston is a real estate consultant who has helped people find green homes across various countries such as Britain, the USA, India and France. George has been advocating green home technology and asks all homeowners to take conscious and daily steps to conserve the environment in order to facilitate the next generations. So before you buy that new house in Malad, contact George to know the environmental impact of your new home.

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