If you feel that your small apartment is starting to look dull and has lost its character, and you are no longer excited to come home, it may be time for a makeover. While a small place may be your best option at the moment and much easier to maintain because of its size, it does lack space. It may be the way you have arranged your furnishings that make it feel cramped. Or it could be the paint job that does not really create an illusion of space.

When you decide to do your apartment makeover, look at it as an exciting project that you can immerse yourself in. Transform your place into a home with your personality marked all over it. Here are some of the easier ways to get your project completed to your satisfaction.

Choose your colours wisely

Since you have a small place, you want to make it appear larger than it is. An effective way to do that is to paint your walls in white, off-white, or light pastels. These shades make a place look more spacious. They reflect natural light, which in turn is allowed to come into the room and give it that spacious appearance.

Personalise your bedroom

You can give your bedroom a totally new look but one that best suits your taste and personality. Stick to smaller furniture. You can surely find charming pieces that you feel reflect who you are. Add an area rug in a contrasting colour. Add in a few pieces of your favourite artwork. Make use of curtains to cover your windows. You could also consider adding a window or two if you can. This allows more natural light to enter into your room. You can find so many lovely designs from fitted wardrobe UK suppliers in the market today to customise the idea you have in mind.

Repaint your kitchen

Once again, your best option is still to focus on the whites and the lights. Your kitchen could also use the same treatment as your living room. There has to be an illusion of space. Keep your appliances in neutral colours. Find practical ways to create storage places and avoid clutter. Remember to install shelves for your kitchen necessities. Don’t fill up the kitchen with unnecessary items.

Add some mirrors

Mirrors are another excellent idea for small spaces. They expand the space of an area as they also reflect natural light into the room. You can also hang them in any part of your apartment where they can do their job. Find some nicely designed ones to add more personality to your home.

It doesn’t really matter how small your apartment is. What matters is how you spruce it up and arrange everything. Be more minimalist with your approach. What you want to avoid is more crowding and cramping. Give yourself some space by not over-filling your place. Make your small apartment your comfort zone. Give it the makeover it needs to feel like home.

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