If you, like so many others, have become accustomed to the fast paced way of modern life, then you probably overlook your garden from time to time. However, with some simple time saving hacks you can guarantee that your garden stays in good condition all year round, with minimal effort.


Reduce your plants


Simply reducing the amount of plants in your garden can save you a lot of time and effort. Replace plants with some garden furniture instead. If you want to utilize space, then consider installing a bench in a shaded corner of your garden. For a time-saving, minimal maintenance option, metal furniture might be the material best suited for you. Aluminum provides a lightweight and natural resistance to rust, a common problem found in garden furniture.


Use mulch


During the winter mulch can be used to insulate your plants against excessive moisture exposure and provide nutrients.  Verbena bonariensis and dahlias are particularly susceptible to the cold weather. By applying mulch, you will protect your plants from frost and significantly reduce your maintenance time. If the weather gets too cold, bring your plants inside and place them in a conservatory with an indoor heating system.


Buy new tools


That about your tools and whether or not they’re best suited for the job. Spending a little money on good quality hardware will go a long way, and is paramount in ensuring your garden work is done quickly and effectively.


The correct spade can significantly increase productivity. When choosing a spade, make sure you are comfortable with its weight and feel. Recreate some digging movements before purchasing it to see if it feels right for you. A 72cm handle is the most commonly used size. With this your fingers should fit through the top and provide a good grip.


Believe it or not, but you can improve the quality of your plants by watering them less. Over saturation of your plants can lead to weakened root support. Use common sense when judging if your plants need watering or not, if a plant is starting to wilt, then it probably needs watering. To reduce your watering time, consider getting an automatic water timer.


When using weed killer, remember to focus purely on the recommended spraying circumference. It can be all-too-easy to be over precautious and this leads to nothing but wasted time. Some people actually consider weeds to be pleasant, so don’t be afraid to let a few grow and see if you like them.


About the Author


Kieran McVeigh is a freelance gardener from Cornwall in the UK. He has spent the past 20 years working in the industry on both commercial and residential properties.

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