Everyone with a family and especially with children and working adults who have a job where getting dirty is part of the daily grind, will know that a rock-solid washing machine is vital. The unit needs to work on a regular basis, sometimes every day, and the more reliable it is the better. When the winter months roll by and drying clothes becomesa real chore, having a dryer component is a huge boost to the daily routine.

When it comes to scientific and technological expertise, Miele washing machines stand head and shoulders above the rest. The old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been so true. With a pile of washing a mile high, the only thing the housewife or house husband wants is a reliable, capable and smooth-operating washing machine. The more functions it has the better. The longer its guarantee the better. And having a machine which sits perfectly in the space you want it to be, which gives quiet and smooth operations and which rarely if ever breaks down is a huge comfort.

One of the brilliant features of Miele washing machines is the control you have at your fingertips. Being able to automatically regulate the water supply, being able to delay the start of your program and to have information clearly available as far as time remaining and extra rinsing is concerned is a huge help.

Front loading washing machines from Miele are simple to operate and as reliable as the bank. Their superior technology allows them to perform at whatever capacity you require with a minimum of fuss. Using less water makes for efficiency as well. These machines look great, are adjustable if necessary and will give you and your family the clean clothes and sheets you need. And it’s all thanks to Miele.

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