There are many reasons why the walk in shower is becoming so popular – it offers modern families a practical way of getting a great bathing experience, to whichever comfort and luxury level they aim for. Not only is the walk in shower a great addition to your home, it is sure to change your lifestyle as you discover both the form and the function to be ideal for you.


However, there are a few things you need to consider before you indulge yourself; a few things to think about before you have one installed. Are you thinking about getting a unit for yourself? Here are some quick facts on walk in showers: your complete guide.


The walk in shower explained


In essence, the walk in shower is an enclosure (created by walls or glass, with or without doors), in which a person can freely walk in and out without having to negotiate obstacles such as a threshold, the side of a bath, a shower curtain, and so on.


The space-saving option


One of the great advantages to a walk in shower is that it is a great space-saving option. Even if the area has the same amount of square footage as the traditional bath and shower, the fact that the bath is no longer there creates a tremendous feeling of space. Furthermore, this spaciousness can be enhanced and magnified if you opt to install glass walls or doors, which allow more light to come in and which allow you a view of the whole bathroom whilst bathing.


Easy accessibility


There are no barriers to cross when entering a walk in shower; no bath tub wall to climb over, no threshold to cross, no shower tray to step into, and no curtain to arrange properly. Furthermore, the walk in shower creates more freedom of movement than the traditional shower does.


An improvement in style and luxury


They’re sleek and stylish, and can even be tailour-made for your specific needs.


Prefabricated units


The basic prefab units usually come with three panes made of fibreglass and a base pan. They are installed in the bathroom and fitted together at the place of installation; the prefabricated unit would otherwise not fit through the door of your home or bathroom.


Let’s not forget that prefabricated units also come in luxury design models; the owner who prefers the high-end, custom-made look can craft walk in showers based on their own personal preferences when it comes to size, dimensions, materials, tiling, plumbing, and configuration, and this also includes shelving, seating arrangements, and so forth. It’s no wonder the walk in shower is becoming so popular; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle and the perfect combination of function, comfort, and luxury.



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