Most avid home cooks face the unenviable task from time to time of tackling their rangehoods – a job most tend to put off for as long as physically possible. The trouble being of course that the longer you leave it, the more the grease builds up and the worse your job becomes. It isn’t going to clean itself, so why not arm yourself with a few simple tips from the pros and get to it for peace of mind if nothing else?

Removing Grease from RangehoodsFirst and foremost, if you have one of those handheld steamer devices, you’re pretty much golden. Use the device in accordance with the instruction to soften and loosen the grease to such an extent that you’ll be able to get rid of it with a quick wipe or a gentle scrub – chances are you won’t even need to use any other cleaning products. If you don’t have a steamer, you can try using a powerful but non-toxic degreaser to soak into the grime and help lift it off. If you ask at your store for something 100% natural or at least toxin-free, chances are there will be plenty to choose from.

Something else you can try is white vinegar – a hugely effective degreaser that costs next to nothing and is completely safe to use. Apply it to the offending areas of the rangehood and leave it to get to work for five minutes or so to really help soften things up. The same also applies to diluted lemon juice, but vinegar tends to work a little better. And finally, if you need to get a little rougher to get rid of it all, mix together cornmeal and baking soda to create a kind of exfoliator that will help with the grease but won’t damage the finish of your hood.

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