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Certainly, the newest trend in residential doors is fibreglass doors. Most homeowners prefer them today because of their lasing appeal, beauty and strength. It is also easier to customize services such as installation of hardware and painting with these doors. In addition, experience has proven that fibreglass doors require minimal maintenance compared to other door materials. However, even though this maintenance is little, you still have to do it to ensure your doors have an undying appeal and durability. If you recently installed fibreglass doors in your home, here are some of the ways you can take care of them:

Stains and finishes

You need to refinish your doors from time to time to ensure they always have that glow they first came with when they were installed in your home. There various types of stains you can use to stain a fibreglass door the same way you would stain a wooden door. Painting is also an excellent maintenance tip, but it is best to let the experts handle such a task. These doors normally come with a 5-year warranty so it is important to keep that warranty safe in case you need to repair the door within that period.

Clean regular

Unlike wood, fibreglass gets dirty quickly and the dirtier it gets, the uglier it gets. In addition, most fibreglass doors are used mainly for outdoor purpose, which means they are exposed to the harsh elements such as wind, precipitation and light. If left unchecked, these elements together with dust or dirt can wear and tear your door’s finishing and sidelights. Hence, regular cleaning is essential. Just use a mixture of warm water and mild soap to clean the doors. Do it as often as you can preferably once a week to keep them spotless.

Install door guards

Door guards are very inexpensive yet go a long way in keeping your fibreglass doors safe and sound. Installing these door guards around your door helps you avoid cracks in your doors. You can install them at the bottom and top of the doors, and around the knob. The door guards can be of metal or rubber depending with your pocket and preferences. The guards are easy to install using only a simple screw and screwdriver. As an added benefit, these door guards can help insulate your home, and save you some money when it comes to paying monthly energy bills.

Update fixtures

As aforementioned, most fibreglass doors are mainly for outdoor use such as the front door. This means they will be exposed to harsh elements constantly. Furthermore, the front doors experience plenty of action within the course of the year. Doorknobs, hinges and other pieces of fixtures and hardware will eventually wear out. It is vital to keep replacing these fixtures to keep your door functioning efficiently, safe, and appealing. Most of these fixtures are inexpensive and easy to install. Do not also forget to lubricate the hinges regularly so that they function at their best. It will also help you have a peace of mind because they will not make any noise.

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