The conservatory or sun room combines the indoors and the outdoors in an attractive way. This is why these rooms are popular for holding parties or enjoying nature without getting cold and wet. However, there are other reasons for installing a conservatory. Let’s look at the benefits of adding a conservatory to your home.

It Increases Your Home’s Value

A well-made conservatory increases your home’s value. That is because the sun room adds to the usable living space in the home. Whether you use it as a second dining room, play room or living room is your decision. A semi-enclosed deck can improve your home’s value, as well. A deck/sunroom combo you can open up to the outdoors is attractive almost year-round, since you can continue the barbecue when it starts raining or the temperatures drop. A classic conservatory simply increases your home’s living space, and the value of the home is tied to its amount of usable space. You’ll certainly see a higher return on investment for the project than a deck.

It Can Lower Your Energy Bills

A well-designed sunroom can lower your heating bills. For example a conservatory could capture the sun’s heat while fans distribute that heat through the rest of your home. On the other hand, a poorly designed sunroom will raise your energy bills, because it loses heat in the winter and overheats in the summer. Talk to the experts at Southcoast windows about your options.

A potential additional benefit of conservatories is that it can lower your lighting bills. This occurs when the conservatory is designed to let in natural light that can travel through the rest of your home. That requires having windows and doors or other openings that let light that streams into the conservatory enter the rest of the home.

It Simplifies Gardening

A conservatory doesn’t just merge the indoors and the outdoors. It can dramatically simplify gardening. The enclosed conservatory is a form of greenhouse. You now have a greenhouse attached to your home that you can enter at any time you want. Everything can be raised in containers, but you don’t have to bring them inside because they already are inside. A side benefit of a sunroom is that it doesn’t need as much space around it as a separate, stand-alone greenhouse. That means the sunroom can give you much more space inside the conservatory than if you were building a standalone greenhouse. And because the sunroom is attached to the home, it is cheaper to build than a new, four walled structure.

It Is Versatile

A conservatory doesn’t have to be a second living area. It could be a front porch that’s warmer and more sheltered than a conventional front porch. You could build a conservatory around the back door to provide a de facto mud room, but it can be used in other ways, too. Wide open conservatories could serve as living areas, play rooms or a home office. You could even use it as a guest bedroom if there is privacy glass or blinds put in place.

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