images 2A jungle safari helps an adventurer to explore the natural horizons in a forest. You have the options of travelling in a horse, an elephant or in an open jeep. It can be immensely exciting to catch a view of rare animals and birds. A customized tour through thick woods in the Indian subcontinent can be a thrilling experience. With a knowledgeable guide, your wildlife excursion can be memorable. The jungle unfolds its various facets to a wildlife enthusiast. Experience the serenity of the jungle as you travel in an open jeep. A safari can be planned in order to observe the primitive behavior of the animals.

Unlimited adventures

A safari adventure is a unique experience which helps you to study the behavior of interesting wildlife. While you are in a jungle safari, it is important to remember that when you take photographs it should not disturb the animals. Sight of the deciduous jungles in Central India is intriguing. Kaziranga national park is located in Assam where the largest population of one-horned rhinos can be found. You can be lucky to spot tigers and leopards in the dense forest. Golden Jackal, Hog Badger, Indian mongoose, Pangolins and civets are the other animals which can be sighted. The rivers in the forest are home to Ganges Dolphin. A variety of migratory birds can be sighted in the forest. Few of the best eco-tourism tiger resort India can be found in Kaziranga.

Syna tiger resort

GnusAndZebrasInMaraMasaiSyna tiger resort offers a comfortable stay to travellers. Located amidst the peaceful environs of wilderness it is the perfect place to experience nature and its creations. Rejuvenate with the spa that is offered in the one of the best tiger resort India. After ambling through the forest you can rest your feet at Syna. The Bandhavgarh tiger reserve is in close vicinity. As you travel through the dusty roads you can spot a yellow brown antelope. The varied animals in the forest can be a delight to the explorers. Chirping of birds in the woods as the leaves rustle in a light wind can be an adventurer’s delight.

Amidst the woods

Royal Tiger resort in Madhya Pradesh offers unmatched comfort to its guests. It has 18 air conditioned suites which can accommodate guests comfortably. Sufficient light streams into the room through the large windows. Culinary skills of the chefs leave the guests impressed. Organic vegetables and fresh river fish are used to prepare delectable cuisines. You can reach the resort easily as the Nagpur and Raipur li in close vicinity. You can take delight of the spectacular views of the forest from your rooms.

A nature lover’s paradise

Tiger resort India is an abode of serenity and luxury. The resorts are well equipped with facilities which cater to the requirement of the guests. The local ingredients used by the eco-lodges create cuisines which area true delight to the guests. Garuda resort in Madhya Pradesh offers an ultimate experience to the tourists and promotes eco-tourism. Kanha National Park is located close to the resort. The magical ambience at the park is created by deer, sambar and gaurs. Experience the exquisite natural glory, which the dense forests offer.

images 1Jim Corbett National Park is the first national park in India which was opened to visitors in 1930s. The jungle has been named on the conservationist Jim Corbett. Traverse the jungle as you see a herd of elephants munching on tender leaves and trees. A female elephant is highly possessive about her baby. The playful baby elephant is a common sight. The park is a home to dear, beer and macaque. Langurs and monkeys can naughty. You can book a jeep safari which goes into the forest in mornings and evenings.

Author Bio: David is a wild life enthusiast who has been planning to visit India since long. After reading about the exciting adventures, he has scheduled a visit to tiger resort India.


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