Modern times bring contemporary trends with them. Today’s bathrooms are looking gorgeous with functionalities that did not exist decades ago. If you are inspired by royal-looking baths, we have the perfect tips for you.

Go monochromatic

Monochromatic colour trends are gaining popularity for all the beautiful reasons. This colour trend in bathrooms works well because it looks uniform, polished, and neat. These three words are synonymous to soothing. An interior design that showcases just one colour is calming to the mind. Some colours inspire Zen while others depict mystery. A bathroom in all shades of black is a beautiful kind of drama and elegance. Where the ceiling begins and where the wall ends plays with your senses, and it looks incredible!

Make room for extra space

Apart from being a bathroom, celebrity bathrooms are also venues for partying. Some luxurious bathrooms are multi-levelled. Such bathrooms are home to a wine bar, housing designer clothes, expensive bags, opulent artworks, and a vanity area. For these reasons, it requires an abundance of space.

Shower light show

If you’re a fan of all things spectacular, you can draw inspiration from a famous rapper’s creative and striking bathroom. The shower light show can be set to calm your mood or wake you up. For a more muted option, rainfall shower heads are trendy too. They are relaxing, not your average shower head, and has what feels like millions of water droplets that can gently massage you. Most showers are custom-made frameless glass showers or a sleek and modern looking frameless shower enclosure.

Panoramic view

Imagine an extraordinary bathtub made of exquisite bespoke material such as marble or gold and a stunning panoramic view. Some celebs prefer the city landscape while others are mesmerised by lush greenery. Which are you more drawn to?

Technology savvy

Some celebrities opt for the most advanced sanitary wares. From heated flooring to a steam shower or remote-controlled toilet with a self-cleaning function, what’s there not to like right?

Luxury toiletries

It’s not surprising that celebrities and luxury designers share the same cliques and circles. It should suffice to say that they inspire each other too. Many celebrities have luxury brand toiletries that range from hand soaps, body washes, shampoos, and body cream. If you want to achieve stunning complexion and an endearing bathroom, this inspiration is worth replicating.

Artistic arrangement

Superstars, being in the creative industry, are appreciative towards art and everything pretty. A portrait can serve as a focal point, the only colourful piece in the middle of an all-white and minimally-styled loo. Apart from using paintings as decorations, many celebrities light up their bathroom using extravagant light fixtures. These fancy lightings are fancy, beautiful, functional, and help improve the mood too.

Celebrities have some of the most opulent bathrooms in the world. The attention to detail, thoughtfulness in style, and creativity used to design every corner of their bathrooms are awe-inspiring. If you are planning on redesigning your bathroom, check out the best and most affordable bathroom fixtures on the market.


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