imagesIt would be the world’s greatest irony to be the owner of a luxurious eco friendly home that takes all the measures to ensure that it does not, in any way, harm Mother Nature but boasts of a security system that easily goes against all the eco friendly rules and makes relentless use of energy, thus causing the environment more trouble than intended. Therefore, if you truly want your home to be eco friendly, you need to weigh your options wisely before you install any home security system. As a rule of thumb, the ADT Pulse offers reliable and eco friendly home security solutions and can keep burglars and other miscreants at bay. However, while a security system takes care of your home, you can make efforts yourself to ensure that no foul play takes place when you are away from your home with the help of these brilliant DIY security tips for your eco homes.

1.)   Find another solution for the mail slot:

Essentially, a mail slot on your front door may seem potentially harmless. However, it can be one of the main culprits for an easy break in by the burglar. Usually, when the mail slot is created in the center of the front door, the horizontal structure of the door gets incredibly weak because of the slot’s effect on the wood grain. Therefore, it is important to look for a better solution than a mail slot. Ideally, a mailbox in the driveway is an excellent option as it refrains from people having to make excuses of coming all the way to your home. However, if you must use a mail slot, make sure that it is installed in the lower half of the door as opposed to the center.

2.)   Know where to hide the important things:

This is especially true for those who either have absolutely no security measure installed or who require the concerned item on a regular basis far too often to actually keep it locked in a safe. In such situations, it is best to keep these items in a place that a burglar is very unlikely to find in the event of a break in. Usually, it is the master bedroom that the thief will automatically turn to. Therefore, the trick is to keep your important items like keys to the safe and the likes in the kids’ rooms or the bathroom cupboard where burglars do not usually bother checking. In any other situation, installing the ADT Pulse can be one of the most reliable security measures.

3.)   Use thorny plants as your weapons:

As a rule of thumb, it is extremely wise to make use of thorny plants and bushes that are tall enough so as to ensure that a burglar does not find his way into your home through certain nooks and crannies like the windows or the pipelines. Planting these bushes in such shady areas that are likely to be used by burglars will ensure that they steer clear of these areas. This is a great additional security measure that you can take to avoid a break in through windows of your home.

4.)   Do not let your security keypad show:

Ideally, when you use some kind of a security system for your home, it is placed immediately next to the door or adjacent to it in your home. While there is no harm in this, there is a high possibility that the burglar may locate this security system in your home through the windows or the glass on the door. Therefore, it is best to have your home security alarm system installed in a place that is not visible when peering into the home from outside.

Author’s bio:

Matthew Cooper is a freelance writer and a technology and gadget geek. He has recently installed the ADT Pulse and couldn’t be happier with the results. He is also looking at starting his own blog covering various topics and tutorials on using gadgets and other technology induced products.

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