mvk-contemporary-kitchen-582x392You may not realize it but the kitchen is the sole corner of the house that is used more number of times than you may actually even care. It is in this place of your home that all the day’s anecdotes are shared over dinner and the only place that can make you feel happy after a long, tired day at work or a frenzied morning as you make healthy breakfast or simply linger around for a cup of fresh coffee to pull you together for the gruelling day waiting to unfold. However, most of the times, it is the kitchen that is often left ignored and can actually look exquisitely brilliant if you are willing to take just a few steps to revamp your home when renovating or changing the decor. You could also opt for online home decor shopping so that you can get access to the best of the kitchen decor accessories all under one internet tab. Besides, if you thought that a green kitchen idea cannot exist in reality, think again. Given below is a list that gives you surprising details on how you can transform your kitchen into an eco friendly haven without any hassle.

1.)   Opt for sinks made of recycled copper:

Usually, when using recycled copper for your kitchen, you need to realize the fact that the copper wires as also the copper pipes that are rendered useless are recycled into products that can be used for varied purposes, a kitchen sink being one of them. It is a known fact that copper as a metal is quite sturdy and can deliver a good quality and therefore, is the right choice for your kitchen sinks. Besides, it is also known to keep bacteria ranging from fungi to E. coli at bay. You may not realize it but these are the bacteria that are found more commonly in the kitchen and with the antibacterial properties that copper possesses, you can be sure of a healthy kitchen environment.

2.)   Use tiles made of recycled goods:

You may not realize it but recycled glass along with pebbles and corks are the in-thing with several interior designers focussing on using tiles that are made up of these aforementioned recycled products. It gives a very unconventional look to your kitchen and elevates its modernity and is therefore, the perfect option for your kitchen if you would like to decorate them with tiles.

3.)   Use wooden utensils made of olive trees:

While you may want to argue that using trees for utensils does not really categorize it as eco friendly, you may want to give it a close second thought. Ideally, wood from the olive trees is obtained only when the tree can no longer produce any fruit. This does not create any issues during the harvesting of the fruit. Besides, the sheer uniqueness of each utensil made from this wood is jaw dropping and gives your kitchen a more rustic look when placed along the shelves. You can look for these utensils when doing online home decor shopping.

4.)   Use induction methods for cooking:

It is a known fact that induction heating and cooking is quite the rage and why not? With its ability to cook food faster, it instantly eliminates the possibilities of any kind of heat energy being wasted.

5.)   Eco Friendly paints:

While paints may seem extremely innocent and harmless, the fumes exuding from them could be potentially fatal. Therefore, it is important that you use paints that have been created from all natural ingredients and are essentially eco friendly to counter any harmful effects.

Author’s bio:

Trudy Mather is an interior designer offering her services online. She also has a DIY home decor shop set up online where people can do their online home decor shopping at a fraction of the cost. She swears by using recycled products and is ideally also working for an environmental cause.

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