Teak outdoor furniture not only adds a look of elegance, sophistication, and chicness to your outdoor area, but it is also a “green” option, good for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Because of its many benefits, teak has always been and continues to be the best material for outdoor furniture. Firstly, attractiveness and beauty is the major reason why homeowners prefer teak outdoor furniture over all other types. Teak gives a very classy and “rich” look to the area. The natural hues of teak wood give an instantly calming effect. If you want to transform the look of your house, teak is the way to go.

outdoor furnitureAnother benefit of teak furniture Melbourne is its high durability. Teak furniture is an investment, as it lasts around for a decade or even more than that. Teak wood is taken from mature teak trees, which has the ability to resist rot, fungus, and parasites. It is a water-resistant wood and doesn’t warp and split. It is also able to withstand all types of weather throughout the year. With such high durability and strength, you won’t need to replace your outdoor furniture any sooner.

As compared to other types of furniture, teak requires very little maintenance and cleaning. It will look fresh and new with only a cloth wipe. It doesn’t require any excessive cleaning products; a special varnish and light cleaning products will be sufficient. This makes it an environmentally friendly option. Teak wood naturally changes color from brown to silver gray. But unlike plastic, it doesn’t require any painting or re-staining with chemical loaded products; only natural teak-wood oil can be used to retain the original color. This is not only cost effective in the long term, but also environmentally friendly.

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